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  • Impossible has no place in our vocabulary.

  • Impossible has no place in our vocabulary.

  • Impossible has no place in our vocabulary.

About Company Biography


MJ-Vision is a Media, Branding and IT Solutions Company dedicated to providing excellent services to its valuable clients. Our talented and creative personnel take it upon their shoulders to ensure quality products with great value-add.

Our solutions include Corporate Branding, PR, Media, Web Design, Sound/DJ Hire and Marketing (Specializing in Social Media Marketing). We allow our clients to get highly involved throughout the process of achieving the solution, in order to execute the task seamlessly, accurately and to accomplish Best quality work! However should our clients desire that the job just be done, we will timeously astonish you with amazing concepts and execution.



One of our primary focuses is to provide IT Hardware and Accessaries to wide client range. We have also mastered the art of Social Media Marketing through our strategic Twitter Account which has more than 59 000 followers. We allow our client to ride on our wave and use this marketing platform to popularise their brand. Amongst our wide range of Media and Marketing tools is our popular lifestyle website: "Mzansi411.co.za". We provide advertising space on the site and the advertisement is guaranteed to be viewed by 500 of our daily visitors.


  • We begin the project by conduction a series of strategic sessions with the client to avoid imposing a solution to the client.

  • We allow our client to add inputs on our proposed solution.

  • These sessions will also insure that we come up with a unique solution specially tailored for client’s needs.

  • We allow the client to choose from our wide range of services to specifically meet their needs.


  • We develop an action plan with timelines agreed with the client.

  • MJ-Vision will then report progress to the client in agreed interval.

  • Draft solution will be reviewed by the client and will be followed by input alterations.


About Company Biography



  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Advertising on Mzansi411.co.za
  • Public Activations
  • Flyers Banners and Posters Distributions

  • Website Designs and Maintenance
  • Logo Designs
  • Flyers Banners and Posters Design and Print

  • DJ and Sound hire
  • Creation and Management of Social Media Accounts
  • PR

  • Cooperate Branding
  • Artist Branding
  • CD Cover Branding

Our Vision is to increase our client’s competitive edge within the respective industry. We aim at developing, enhancing and maintaining visibility of our clients through Media, Branding, Marketing and PR Solutions.

Our mission is to integrate best solutions without a glitch, without halting any our clients’ business processes. We strive to be Thee most preferred Media, Branding and Marketing Company in South Africa and Africa at large. We will to be more than just an outsourced partner for our clients, but be part of our client’s growth.

* Three Logos will be designed for client to choose from, and no further designs will be made. A client can request any of the three logos to be altered up to three times after which the client will be obligated to choose.

* (For basic website) A website template will be designed and the screenshot will be sent to the client to approve. The template cannot be changed once approved by the client.  When the site has been fully designed, MJ-Vision will use its digression on which parts of the website’s “Look and Feel” can be changed.

* No money will be given back to the client once service has been bought. Payment into our account is a commitment from the client that MJ-Vision Designs will be accepted as they are.

* The client will forfeit the deposit if two weeks elapse without any communication on designs feedback.  

* Client’s domain will be suspended should a monthly hosting fee not be paid. MJ-Vision will be liable to fix any hosting issues at no cost to the client.


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  • Address:

    C-911 Phoenix View  
    14th Road, Midrand 1682

  • Phone: 073 610 9065
  • Email: majara@mjvision.co.za